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Return of Rutland

PausesPosted by Akhandadhi das Sat, October 03, 2015 19:10:06

Radio 2 Wogan - Pause for Thought

10th April 1997

Last week, instead of driving home to Wales, I stayed over and headed up the M1 on Friday morning on my way to Uppingham in recently restored Rutland.

This was a revelation to me, having never been in that part of England before. Uppingham definitely qualifies as “quaint”, which I liked, because I’m into a bit of pastoral romanticism.

Of course there’s been the jokes about tiny Rutland - instead of an A-Z street guide, it has A-B. But small size has advantages. One man I met was promoting a plan to make Rutland the first environment county and, on that scale, it could be possible.

I felt like Colombus discovering America - it was new to me, but in fact, it’s always been there. It’s the same as discovering God in your life. He’s always been there, but you’d never really noticed.

So like Rutland, like God. I learnt about it when I was young. But later, it didn’t seem so relevant. Then, it kind of disappeared altogether - society had dispensed with its usefulness. Suddenly, it’s back on the agenda for my life. I now have friends connected with it. I am no longer a passive believer; I’ve had the Rutland experience - and enjoyed it!

In Hinduism, belief in God is not all-important. It is only the first stage. Nothing happens in religion, science, business or anything unless it is initiated by faith. But, faith is the starting-point - not the goal. The seed of faith must be watered by regular devotional practices. It then grows into a deep realisation of God as our friend and guide. And finally, it blossoms as overwhelming love for God.

© BBC This script was commissioned by the BBC for broadcast as “Pause for Thought” on the Wogan programme Radio 2.