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Elvis and Krishna

PausesPosted by Akhandadhi das Sat, October 03, 2015 19:01:04

Radio 2 Wogan - Pause for Thought

20th March 1997

I wonder if you read the story of Sid Shaw who won his case at the High Court this week. Elvis Presley Enterprises of Memphis, Tennessee, has been trying to stop Sid selling his own Elvis souvenirs - T-shirts, mugs, anything with Elvis’s name or picture on it. The judge obviously enjoyed the case and asked if there were even Elvis gallows. Makes you wonder what he had in mind!

Anyway, he concluded, “Elvis Presley Enterprises does not own in any meaningful sense the words Elvis or Elvis Presley. There is nothing akin to a copyright in a name”.

Now, this reminded me of the words of a great saint in India called Sri Chaitanya, who said that the name of God belongs to no-one, or rather it belongs to everyone. No religion can claim a monopoly on it.

There’s only one sun in the sky, yet it’s known by different names in different languages.

As a Vaishnava Hindu, I’ll refer to God as Krishna, but Krishna is not some different God. By definition, there can only be one Supreme Being.

I like the name Krishna, because it means the person who can most attract our hearts.

And it sounds good too - Krishna. That’s why I recite it every day as part of the Hare Krishna mantra meditation that I do.

Now, if you chant “Elvis, Elvis”, you may remember him and his songs, but you can’t bring him back. But chant the name of God, however you understand it, and it’s said that God will be dancing on your tongue. God’s always with us, but when you chant you can feel him right there - to love you tender.

© BBC This script was commissioned by the BBC for broadcast as “Pause for Thought” on the Wogan programme Radio 2.